July 17, 2014 vega.gi@gmail.com

New Office at Montevideo

With the inauguration, in February of the current year, of our commercial and operative offices in the Carrasco neighborhood of the city of Montevideo, GlobalNews Group has begun full cycle, direct operations in the Uruguayan market.

“For us, Uruguay is a very important destination because most of our clients have offices there”, pointed out Laura García, founder and CEO of GlobalNews Group

The services offered by the new Uruguayan office include print, online radio and TV monitoring; quali-quantitative analysis; advertisement monitoring and even Social Media analysis and monitoring.

“The product that we are offering to Uruguayan office respects the same quality standards that our Company adopts in each one of our offices in the region”, adds García.

GlobalNewsGroup is the only monitoring and analysis network with a presence in 17 countries in Latin America.